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At JanBask Digital, we go the extra mile to ensure that your online business strategy performs beyond your expectations. Thus, for no added cost, you receive massive organic traffic, improved SERPs, and the ultimate reliability among all SaaS SEO agencies. SaaS SEO, Simplified-that’s our promise to you.

  • Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • Unparalleled Content Integration
  • Driving Conversions Faster

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Being veterans in the field of SEO for SaaS, you can rely on our data-driven strategies to obtain high-level solutions that are economical and impactful, year-on-year. Whether granular or holistic, we ensure that our omni-channel marketing methods deliver objective and measurable success. Don’t believe us? Well, numbers don’t lie!<

Increase in Organic Traffic


Improved Backlinking


Increase in Annual Recurring Revenue


Reduction in Bounce Rate


Discover Industry’s Leading B2B SaaS SEO Services

Indeed, when it comes to offering top-notch SaaS SEO services, you need not look any further than JanBask Digital Design. With our comprehensive package of SEO services fine-tuned to your business’ standards, you can rely on us to generate measurable value over the long-term.

Review Your Current SaaS SEO Performance

Review Your Current SaaS SEO Performance

No matter the scale of your business, we will review your ongoing SEO strategy and tweak it to suit current market conditions. Drive sales online with increased brand awareness generated through our cutting-edge organic traffic funneling techniques. Combine your business vision with our data-backed content-integration channels to script a winning digital marketing story.

Devise a Future-Ready SEO Content Strategy

Our specialization in the B2B SaaS SEO domain makes us the number one SaaS SEO agency in formulating compelling content. This trait is especially relevant for emerging businesses aiming to make it big in their respective domains. Some of our offerings include creating authoritative content and updating it frequently, improving user experience, as well as removing crawl errors.

Devise a Future-Ready SEO Content Strategy
Bring More Than Data to the Table

Bring More Than Data to the Table

Sure, data is the buzzword these days; but our long industry experience has taught us that getting the fundamentals right and collecting insights pay off more than expected. We know that learning along the way is more valuable than launch-and-let-go. We also know that creating systemic interoperability is better than sitting on system silos. Therefore, when you partner with us, we guarantee to deliver results with laser-like precision thanks to what we’ve learnt (and continue to).

Outrank Competitors and Serve Your Customers Better

Our team of savvy professionals is always on the go to serve you better. Hence, we whip up fantastic content supported by competitive B2B SEO for SaaS companies to help you outshine your competitors. We thoroughly test our tools to enhance conversions on your landing pages to improve results.

Outrank Competitors and Serve Your Customers Better

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Best SaaS SEO for B2B Lead Generation

With so many SaaS SEO agencies out there, it pays to partner with the one that provides sensible SEO solutions. Our B2B SaaS clients can expect high-quality leads and dependable customer retention rates. Moreover, we provide improved sales volumes leading to greater brand reputation.

SaaS SEO for Small-Cap Businesses

SaaS SEO for Small-Cap Businesses

We at JanBask provide comprehensive SaaS SEO services to small businesses that have just started their operations. We especially assist those who need help with either creating their online presence or restructuring it better. Furthermore, we provide help with understanding the business’ product-market fit and what works for ranking in the top SERPs.

SaaS SEO for Mid-Cap Businesses

SaaS SEO for Mid-Cap Businesses

If you already have an online presence with an SEO strategy in place but are not generating any leads or sales, then this plan is for you. Under this SEO for SaaS plan, we will help you achieve profitable ROIs through powerful backlinks and top-ranking competitive keywords, among other lucrative strategies.


SaaS SEO for Large Businesses

We will help you accelerate your SEO strategy and business in the required direction! When you collaborate with us, we help you dominate search results and outrank your competition, every time. Rely on us to plan, strategize, and prepare a tailor-made SaaS SEO strategy for your online business presence.

As the world embraces digital technologies at a faster rate than previously imaginable, SaaS companies need to be quick on their feet to satisfy customer demands while outpacing competitors. Outmoded SEO practices that promised loads but delivered little simply won’t do anymore. It is time that businesses with their sights set to future growth embrace JanBask Digital Design’s advanced SEO for SaaS services. With our actionable insights and industry-leading techniques, JanBask Digital’s SaaS SEO services are guaranteed to delight.

  • Building a layer of confidence for your SaaS product
  • Optimizing your GMB profile
  • Getting enriched by authoritative citations from directory
  • Performing routine SEO audits to weed-out underperforming practices

Use voice-based search queries to ascend higher in search engine rankings. Now that the netizens have started preferring the convenience of voice search more and more, make sure your SaaS product isn’t left behind. We can help you become the talk of the town by:

  • Competition analysis
  • Website analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Listening Tools
  • On-Page & Off-Page Analytics
  • Conversion Tracking

Target high-value and high-level traffic using the CORRECT keywords! Collect head-keywords gleaned from thorough research and use them to target top-of-funnel marketing. Understand user intent at different points of the marketing funnel to reach your prospective clients sooner. Our technical SEO for SaaS can help through the following:

  • Optimizing your content for voice searches
  • Making your pages mobile-friendly
  • Modulating page-load times
  • Constantly updating your content to suit current trends

Curate content that boosts CTR with optimized meta title and meta description. Use our proprietary title-tag best practices to see your business at the top of general SaaS search queries. We can help your SaaS business rank better through the magic of meta data alone by:

  • Use high-traffic keywords to target customers’ at the beginning of their buyer journey
  • Crawlability based off optimized sitemaps
  • Keep close tabs on transactional and informational queries
  • Generate more marketing qualified leads
  • HTTPS protocol security

Align your SaaS SEO with Google’s Core Web Vitals to give your page the traffic that it deserves. Tap into people’s current emotional sensibilities using our UX based SEO techniques for better conversions. Our Core Web Vitals backed UX based SEO can assist your SaaS venture by:

  • Use high-traffic keywords to target customers’ at the beginning of their buyer journey
  • Crawlability based off optimized sitemaps
  • Keep close tabs on transactional and informational queries
  • Generate more marketing qualified leads
  • HTTPS protocol security

Turbocharge your SEO performance and establish domain authority by building high-quality backlinks and leaving competitors far behind. Our reliable team of experts will help generate highly linkable content assets by:

  • Use high-traffic keywords to target customers’ at the beginning of their buyer journey
  • Crawlability based off optimized sitemaps
  • Keep close tabs on transactional and informational queries
  • Generate more marketing qualified leads
  • HTTPS protocol security

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our SaaS SEO Services

Curious to Know How Our SaaS SEO Agency Can Help Grow Your Business Online? Read the Answers to Some Common Questions Below!

It is difficult to keep pace with the surging demand for software-as-a-service products. Especially since more-and-more people are now embracing apps, in-browser services and other digital products as a part of their daily lives. Thus, the competition for SaaS services is only going to get bigger, as billions worth of revenue get poured in. It is here that SaaS companies need to formulate unique SEO strategies that help them reach their target customers—and this is where we step in.

We at JanBask understand that SaaS products radically differ from other retail products or service-based businesses. Perhaps this is why SaaS products depend highly on organic traffic and successful SEO tools more than other related services. In such a scenario, who better than us to help businesses realise that a good SEO strategy pivots on lots of data and efforts. In the SaaS enterprise world, SEO equals ROI, as SEO is proven to outlive traditional digital marketing channels to garner greater organic traffic in the long-run.

The increase in SaaS from $13.4 billion in 2010 to $157 billion in 2020 spells rewarding promises for players in the field. However, this also means that competition has increased in equal proportion, if not more. SaaS companies, therefore, need to work on the twin-pronged strategy of not only lowering their Customer Acquisition Cost, but also establishing themselves as the industry thought leader. This is where a deep knowledge of core SEO techniques for SaaS come into the picture. Some of those techniques incorporate the following:

  • Fundamentals of technical SEO
  • Keyword research based on search intent
  • Content that gets established for thought leadership
  • Tweaking content according to the inherent features of different marketing channels
  • Revisions backed by data updates

While following the ABCs of SaaS SEO may be easy, the content might still underperform in certain aspects. However, knowing the factors that cause a downfall in SEO rankings is crucial in removing them. Some of those factors are highlighted below:

  • Centering keyword research on high-volume instead of long-tail search terms Marketers stand a chance of ranking well for long tail keywords as compared to high-volume ones. Moreover, long-tail keywords help with narrowing down search intent to a more targeted approach. When marketers start focusing on long-tail keywords, they rake up their revenues while avoiding optimization for the wrong keyword-type.
  • Writing for search engines alone instead of the end-user There once was a time when writing for search engines helped garner short-term results. Thus, using the appropriate keyword density and writing content upto a certain word count worked. However now, UX (user experience) has become a considerable factor in determining SEO rankings. Thus, it has now become important to optimise webpages for quick load speed while designing them for automatic adjustment to all screen sizes. In addition, delivering well-structured content that is accessible for persons with visual impairments boosts rankings as well.
  • Not mapping customer behavior from the first click-through to conversion Assessing customer behavior by employing GA tags is essential to generate higher revenues. Knowing ‘who’ visits your site, ‘why’ they visit it, and ‘what’ their behavior on the site is can go a long way in defining a precise targeting strategy. Furthermore, collecting data to analyze customers’ behavior at different points of the sales funnel can help drive conversions.
  • Not consulting specialists for SaaS SEO servicesSmall businesses cannot afford to let go of SaaS SEO specialists in their team. This is primarily because small businesses need steady revenue as soon as possible, and only seasoned SaaS SEO specialists can help them generate that. Otherwise, such businesses can end up over-focussing on too few SEO channels, thereby exhausting their options all too soon.

Two broad differences delineate SaaS SEO from traditional SEO: time and the nature of keywords chosen. With the former, while traditional SEO relies on inputs within a certain time frame to generate leads, SaaS SEO depends on content marketing performed over the years. Thus, traditional SEO focuses more on “selling” whereas SaaS SEO engineers relationships with its audience over the long-term. Secondly, when it comes to keyword selection, traditional SEO picks technical, niche-specific keywords whereas SaaS SEO pivots on long-tail keywords.

With so many SaaS SEO consultants available in the market, narrowing down on the right one can seem especially daunting. However, a good way to start would be to request the work portfolio from your preferred agency. This will give you a fair idea of the agency’s previous clients and the techniques they used to achieve results. Another great idea would be to check out the agency’s case studies or client reviews about the work they have done. A good SaaS SEO consultant will be more than willing to showcase client testimonials as proof of their work. One such prominent SEO agency for SaaS is JanBask Digital Design, which leaves no stone unturned to satisfy its clients.

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